Insights-X Digital

Become part of the community that connects the international stationery industry. The new platform Insights-X Digital combines the on-site experience of the fair with the opportunities of an innovative digital networking platform.

What you can expect: 

  • Networking with other attendees based on your interests with the new Lead Finder
  • Direct contact with exhibitors with appointment setting function and audio-video calls
  • Extensive lecture programme with InsightsTalks and LicenseTalks
  • State-of-the-art technology (with servers in Germany)

Get an overview of the platform before Insights-X actually starts. From the home area to the exhibitor and product search to networking, we explain all the functions of Insights-X Digital briefly and clearly below.


The platform - all functions at a glance

  • Clear navigation
  • Personalised contact suggestions based on your interests
  • Participant profile with appointments, bookmarked events, contacts, etc. 


First Login


  1. Enter your e-mail address on the Insights-X Digital homepage. You will receive a confirmation code by e-mail. Please check your spam folder.
  2. Please enter the confirmation code (6 digits) on the platform.
  3. Now enter your ticket number (13 digits). This step is only necessary for the first login.
  4. You are logged in and can create your profile.


Create your profile


  1. First enter your basic information such as name, position and company affiliation. If you wish, you can upload a profile picture. Please note that it must be square (min. 300x300 px) and under 1 MB. You can also fill in other optional fields. Once you are done, click on "Next" at the bottom right for more options when creating your profile, or save your profile by clicking on "Save" at the top right.
  2. The second step, is to link your personal social media profiles. Here, too, you can click on the Save button to proceed to the next step, or you can complete the profile creation by clicking on "Save".
  3. In the third step you are able to describe your interests. There are various options, e.g. different sales markets or product groups. You can use the search function specifically or have all options displayed.
  4. Next, under the menu item "Buy/Sell", you can use our new matchmaking system, the so-called Leadfinder. If you are specifically looking for buyers for your goods or sellers, this is the right place for you. Similar to the previous step, there are various filter options, which will connect you specifically with potential contacts. You can find all information about the Leadfinder further down below.
  5. Finally, don't forget to save your profile in the top right-hand corner.


Navigation and Home area


The digital platform has a number of features to help you find your way around the website. This means that everything you need is always just a few clicks away, regardless of where you are on the website or what you are doing.


There are three navigation functions that you can use on all pages of the website:

  • The navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen. Here you will find the individual sub-pages, such as the exhibitor and product directory and the hall plan.
  • The communication centre on the right-hand side of the screen. Here you will find the networking functions, e.g. personal messages, appointment calendar and your profile.
  • The global search at the top of the screen



Under Favourites, you will find all the lectures, speakers and exhibitors you have marked as your favourites. This is your personal area, to which you can return to quickly access anything you wanted to remember for your participation.



Exhibitors & Products

The Exhibitors & Products section is where the companies can show what they have to offer and promote themselves and their products. Here, you will find all companies, products, brands, categories and press information. The multi-faceted overview allows you to browse through the event in an exciting and visually inspired way.



The program is the spot where live and on-demand presentations and product videos will keep you up to date on the latest trends and best practices in the PBS industry.


Hall plan


The hall plan helps you find your way around the exhibition center, even before you visit the event in person. The hall plans in Insights-X Digital match those in the Insights-X app and the exhibitor directory, so you'll always have them at your fingertips whether online or mobile.





The LeadFinder offers you real added value, whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor. Filtered by industries, product groups and certifications, you can search for buyers, sellers, suppliers new partners or customers.


Virtual Lounges


The Virtual Lounges offer you both a dedicated video chat room for technical support, for all questions related to the platform, and a networking lounge where you can communicate with other participants.