We are looking forward to meeting our customers in person at Insights-X 2021 - Alexander Brandt, CoLibrì System GmbH

CoLibrì System GmbH was one of the very first exhibitors at Insights-X and has therefore been represented in Nuremberg at the paper, office supplies and stationery expo since 2015. This year, the book cover specialists made use of the première of the Insights-X Online platform to present their latest products. Alexander Brandt, Managing Director since the start of 2017, reports about his experience with both formats of the event. 

You took part in Insights-X Online at the start of October with CoLibrì. How did you present your new products there and what was the response like?

Alexander Brandt: We presented our new ECO SHIELD covers both on the platform and on social media and noticed that there is a lot of interest in the product itself. That said, we were introducing a worldwide innovation, since a book cover with anti-viral and antibacterial qualities is something that hasn’t existed up until now.

What was the top seller in the year 2020 amongst your products?

A. B.: The school and shop closures in the spring meant that the schools business, of course, didn’t develop as well this year as previously predicted. After the first lockdown, though, we had an above-average increase in the numbers, so you could say that our core product, the book protector, is still our top seller. 

After the experience this year of face-to-face events being cancelled, what is it that you appreciate most about trade fairs?

A. B.: Without a doubt, it is the direct, personal contact with our partners and customers. Especially with products like PERFECTA, it is essential to see it in action. Our book protectors and CopriMaxi are also nice to touch and you can only get that across when people are able to hold the products in their hands. It just doesn’t work as well online. 

What are you looking forward to most about Insights-X, which will take place from 7 to 9 October 2021 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre?

A. B.: We are already looking forward to – hopefully – having the chance to strike up face-to-face conversations with our customers once again. 

By incorporating the Flexylot picture hanging system into your range, you take the frustration out of trying to hang pictures up straight. The product was first featured on the German version of the TV programme “Dragons’ Den” on 17 March 2020 but, in fact, it doesn’t have much to do with foil or wrapping. What was the motivation behind CoLibrì System taking up the product?

A. B.: I met Alexander Schopphoff, the inventor of Flexylot, last year and I find the idea behind Flexylot ingenious. At CoLibrì, we are also constantly on the lookout for innovations that make life easier; it is ultimately how the ECO SHIELD cover came about. Flexylot also solves a seemingly simple problem in an innovative way and it is for this reason that it fits perfectly into our portfolio.

The world is headed on course for Christmas and it is high season for gift wrappings. Are you noticing that in the demand for PERFECTA, the hand-operated foil sealing machine that allows limitless creativity in packaging?

A. B.: Up until now, we have mainly advertised PERFECTA in the B2B market where the demand is at a pretty good level all year round. We do indeed notice an increase from autumn onwards, though, in the demand for foil with Christmas motives. 

So, what is your Christmas wish for 2021?

A. B.: Probably the same as nearly everyone at the moment: that we can leave the coronavirus behind us and get back to a normal live again.

Mr Brandt, thank you very much for speaking to us.

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